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  • Create & manage your loved ones memorials.

    Write their story, we generate a unique QR Code, you then place it on your loved ones headstone to learn more about them in-app or on our website.

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  • Karen Richards
  • My Story

    In early 2021, my mother unfortunatley passed away suddenly due to a heart attack. I had to be strong for everyone and also myself. When the discussions about the headstone in the family was taking place, I thought to myself that this can't just be it. There had to be a better way to share the many happy memories and funny stories than just a slab of stone; so I thought of TribuCode.

    TribuCode helps to keep your loved ones memories and stories alive, to be shared by anyone who visits and to learn more about them. Who they were, what they did and more!

    Ashley Richards

    Developer of TribuCode


Let us do the hard work for you.

  • Private & Secure

    Privacy is very important which is why TribuCode does not use analytics to track your movement around the app, screen time etc.

  • Contributions

    If enabled, when someone writes and submits a new tribute, you are notified and decide in-app whether to approve or decline it.

  • Add. Admins

    Invite other people to help manage each memorial and gives access if the memorial privacy is set to Admins Only.

  • Privacy Control

    Once approved, you are then able to change between Public, Scan Only or Admins Only at anytime during the memorials lifetime.

  • Visitor Counter

    View anonymous visit counter to know how many times your memorial has been visited by someone with filtering.

  • QR Codes

    Once approved, we will generate a QR Code for you. When scanned, their memorial will appear in-app or in a browser.

  • More Features Coming Soon

    There are plenty more features on the way post-launch.
    Stay tuned for more details by following us on Twitter (@TribuCodeApp) where you can read the latest news, announcements and more.

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